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Cycling Accident Claims: Cycling Injury Claims Against A Motorist

If you’ve been injured in a cycling accident you may be entitled to make a cycling accident claim against the motorist involved. Cycle injury claims are frequently brought against a motorists as over 3,500 cycling accidents occur every year according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA).

The types of injuries involved in most cycling accident claims include limb injuries, with over 40% suffering arm injuries and 25% suffering leg injuries.

Our specialist bike claim solicitors are best places to advice you through making a cycling injury claims. Feel free to get in touch with is if you would like to talk us through your situation.

Cycling Injury Claims: Who is at Fault?

If you have been involved in a road accident involving a bicycle, you may be entitled to make a bike claim. Our team speak to many cyclists who are unsure about seeking compensation due to not having evidence that the accident was the fault of the other party. This should not stop you from making a claim for compensation. As your lawyer it is our job to demonstrate that the accident occurred because of the other parties behaviour. In many cases we are successful in getting the driver to admit full liability.

At the time of the accident you may not have been wearing a GoPro, however other cyclists who witnessed the cycling accident may have been. Our recommendation is to always get the details of other cyclists as footage they have recorded may help your cycling injury claims case.

Cycling Injury Claims / Cycling Accident Claims / Cycle Claims
Cycling Injury Claims / Cycling Accident Claims / Cycle Claims

Different Types of Cycle Claims

  • Road Cycling Accident Claims
  • Cycling Pothole Claims
  • Child Cycling Injury Claims
  • Sporting Bike Accident Claims
  • Bike Component Failure

What Compensation Will You Receive from a Cycling Accident Claim?

There are many factors to consider when it comes to your compensation value. In addition to the injury itself caused by the cycling accident, our lawyers will look at what affect the crash has had on your life. Some questions that will need answering are – did you need to take time off work? Did you incur additional expenses on public transport after the crash? Will you need prolonged physiotherapy or other treatment in the future? Each of our clients has a specific set of circumstances, however what they all have in common is a duty of care from us to work hard and help each client to achieve the maximum level of compensation from a cycling accident claim.

You can read more about some the people we have helped here.

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Our 3 Step Process to Making Cycling Accident Claims

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2. We will explain the whole process to you and answer any of your questions. Where appropriate our cycling solicitors can arrange a face to face meeting in our office, at your home or in hospital.
3. We will make sure you receive the necessary compensation for all of your losses, including injuries, bike damage and any rehabilitation that your may require.

Why Choose Osbornes Cycle Injuries

Choosing a lawyer to support you and your family through the claims process is a very important decision. Not only will you expect first class legal advice, your lawyers should explain the process to you and be available to answer all of your questions. At Osbornes cycle injuries we are an award winning team having previously won ‘Law Firm of the Year 2018’ and ‘Personal Injury Claimant Law Firm of the Year’. We are recommended in the UK’s leading legal directory ‘Chambers UK’ who highlight our particular experience in cycle claims, especially high value claims and serious injuries.

We are also the approved lawyers of the LCC. This means that the LCC are happy to recommend our services to all of their 11,000 members, should they be involved in a cycle collision. Our lawyers are always happy to speak with you and help you to make the right choice of lawyer.

We are also accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), Headway, the UKs leading charity helping those who have experienced a brain injury, the Brain Injury Group and the Spinal Injuries Association.


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