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  • The top five cycling gadgets you need in your life

    While cycling’s as old as the hills, for the tech-lover there are a seemingly unending number of cycling gadgets to modernise anyone’s ride. From super-safe helmets to smart lights, here are our five cycling gadgets that you really need.

    1. A MIPS helmet – from £65

    Every cyclist needs a great lid to protect the grey matter.

    The new helmet technology on the block goes by the not-so-snappy title of Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS).

    In a nutshell (pardon the pun), a MIPS helmet has a plastic liner that stays in place in the event of an impact, while the helmet outer is free to move. This, they claim, can help protect your brain from rotational force, which can cause serious long-term damage.

    2. Skylock – preorder for around £100

    When is a bike lock not just a bike lock? When it’s a Skylock. This achingly cool solar-powered smartlock will be released this summer and has all manner of geeky features.

    Where to start? First of all, it’s keyless – you unlock it via your phone, so no more fumbling about in a bleary-eyed morning haze.  You can add multiple users to its network which allows others to unlock it in the same way (if you trust them with your bike, that is!).

    It houses an accelerometer, which can detect if you have a collision, and it can even let your friends or family know. The same technology can also alert you if someone’s trying to pilfer your pride and joy.

    3. See.Sense Bike Light – from £79.99

    A decent set of lights should be a priority in any cyclist’s safety arsenal. But one chap in Ireland has developed a set of bike lights with brains.

    The See.Sense bike light uses a number of in-built sensors to detect your environment and cleverly adapts to it. It knows when you’re slowing down to approach a junction or traffic lights, and it can even spot a pair of approaching car headlights, prompting its super-bright LEDs to flash brighter and faster.

    It also boasts a clever lens to help boost its side visibility. These are lights to be seen with!

    4. Cycliq Fly bike cameras – from £99

    With a slew of near-miss footage on YouTube featuring cyclists and other road users, bike-users are turning to on-board safety cameras to capture their daily commute.

    The Cycliq Fly camera shoots footage and audio in high-definition 720p (with plans in the pipeline for a 1080p model) and also doubles as a light. It’s high quality enough to capture number plates clearly, can record up to an hour of video and is fully weatherproof.

    5. COBI iCradle – preorder from £120

    Finally, the crème de la crème of cycle phone docks – the COBI icradle . This bad boy will be available in the coming months. Not only does it keep your phone sturdy as you pedal away, but it has more cool features than you can shake a bike-stand at. Integrated smart lights, navigation, horn, speedo details, Spotify support and even an in-built battery pack to increase the run-time of your beloved phone to name a few.

    Designed to bring together every cycle gadget you might ever want in one package, it seems the only thing it doesn’t do is pedal the bike for you.

    So there you have it our top five latest must have cycling gadgets. Do you agree or are there any other super-duper gadgets we should be featuring? Lets us know on info@cyclinginjuries.co.uk

    Written by Cycle Injuries

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