4 Essential Upgrades for Winter Cyclists

Year round cycling comes with an array of challenges especially during the winter months. So if you plan to cycle no matter what the weather throws at you, here are four crucial winter updates that will see you through the harshest season of the year.

Winter Tyres

This may seem like an obvious upgrade but you would be surprised how many cyclists do not tailor their tyres to the season. Due to all of the rain, salt and mud on the road, the winter season can be hard on your wheels. If you plan to commute to work throughout the winter months it is wise to upgrade your bike with tyres that are a little more hard wearing. When choosing winter wheels, opt for those with a rubber compound, as they will give you added traction when the roads are wet. Winter tyres are often wider than the ones you may already have and this can give you the extra grip that you require.

High Visibility Clothing

Cyclists become invisible to other road users once the sun sets so if you plan to commute from work on an evening, you will need to adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Invest in jackets that boast reflective properties to ensure you are seen after dark. High visibility clothing isn’t just for the night time. You never know when you could travel through a dark tunnel during the day on your way to work so it is wise to wear reflective clothing regardless of the time of day.

Bike Lights

One of the most important upgrades for riding at night is a good set of bike lights. Investing in high quality lights is only the first step. Make sure your bike lights are fully charged and in good working order before you set off on your journey. There are lots of different types of bike lights available but sidecut lights are a popular option and offer excellent visibility.

Mud Guards

Cycling in the winter months can be unpleasant at times especially when the weather conditions are wet. Invest in a good set of mudguards and prevent the spray from the road from covering your clothes and your water bottle.

So, there you have it, four ways to upgrade your bike for winter. Don’t let the weather get in the way of your cycling routine and invest in the accessories you need to stay safe on the road.


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