Meet our cycling lawyers: We want to see our roads become much more welcoming place for cyclists – both those with experience and the wannabes who would get on a bike if conditions improved.

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Why We Do What We Do

Commuter cycling is definitely not for the faint hearted but like most cyclists we wholeheartedly believe the rewards far outweigh the risks. It’s a cheaper, healthier and a much more pleasurable way to get to work rather than being stuck in a bus lane or crammed in a tube carriage.

So we want to see our roads become a much more welcoming place for cyclists – both those with experience and the wannabes who would get on a bike if conditions improved.

In the meantime though we’re realistic. We wear helmets, fit lights, we glow in the dark – but we still don’t get seen! It’s because of this that we use our specialist knowledge and experience as cycle lawyers to help cyclists (and their families) who are involved in collisions.

The Most Common Causes of Cyclist Casualties

  • A vehicle approaching from opposite carriageway, turns right across your path without giving way to you and you collide with its nearside (left side)
  • A vehicle emerges from a side road to your left into your path, turns left or right without giving way to you and you collide with its offside (right side)
  • You are overtaking or undertaking stationary traffic when a vehicle turns into your path without looking
  • A lorry turning left at a junction fails to see you in the nearside (left hand) lane
  • A pothole or other defect in the road makes you lose control of the bike
  • A vehicle door is opened into your path as you pass and causes a collision
  • Vehicles, particularly lorries, vans and buses, fail to leave enough room as they pass on the offside (right side) of cyclists.

How Our Cycling Lawyers Can Help

We aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible by:

  • Getting you treatment and rehabilitation for any cycle injuries you suffer
  • Making sure your bike gets back into working order
  • Making up for any time you spend away from work

What Happens if a Cycling Injury is Very Serious?

Sadly, all too often cycle injuries are more severe, requiring long hospital stays and months or years of intense rehabilitation. This may also mean a complete change in your lifestyle, from the way you live at home to the job you can do.

In these cases we work with you and your family to make sure you’re financially secure. We know that no amount of money can turn the clock back, but compensation goes some way to help you adapt to the changes in your life.

We Start With A Free Consultation

If we can assure you that we think you will succeed in bringing your cycle accident claim, we’ll take your case on.

To begin with our cycling lawyers will investigate and gather the evidence needed to prove to your opponent (and most likely their insurance company) that they were wholly or partly at fault, and that you have a valid claim.

In many cases the opponent and their insurers will admit fault, or as we say, liability. If this happens we look to settle your case. If liability is not admitted we pursue the case on your behalf, all the way to the Court if necessary.

How Long Does A Case Take To Settle?

This is a difficult question to answer, as there are many elements involved.  We’ve represented clients whose cases take only a few months to complete,  while others take longer.

In our experience, the quicker a cycle injury case concludes is not always for the better. As cyclists tend to suffer more serious injuries, it may take longer for symptoms to develop and the long-term effects of an injury to become apparent.

In turn, this means it may take some time to assess the full effects of the injury on your life. The payments you receive has to compensate you for life; so concluding a case too early could mean you receive less money than you should.

What if I Need Help Urgently

We aim to get you an interim financial payment. This allows you to pay for any treatments you need and make any necessary changes to your home and lifestyle in the immediate future.

In the meantime, with the help of medical professionals, we build up a picture of the financial sum you should receive to provide you with the best possible quality of life.

How Much Will it Cost Me to Make a Claim?

No doubt you’ve seen the TV adverts with the phrases ‘no win no fee’ and ‘100% compensation’. Our cycling lawyers advise everyone who is thinking of making a claim following a cycling accident to call us and we can talk you through the whole process and answer all of your questions. If you prefer we can arrange for you to come and see us at our offices or we can come to you!

Rehabilitation is vital to help you reduce – as much as possible – the effects of a cycling accident injury on your life.

How you begin to respond to rehabilitation gives us an idea how much progress you can make and what impact the injury will have on you and your family in the long term. Then we can pursue the appropriate level of settlement for you and secure funding for your rehabilitation.

What Kind of Rehabilitation Can I Get?

That depends on your injury. You may need outpatient physiotherapy to help you regain use of an injured limb or joint. In serious injury cases, you may need to spend time at a rehabilitation unit where therapists can help you re-learn skills lost as a result of a physical or neurological (brain) injury.

A brain injury, in particular, can result in memory loss, speech and language difficulties and a change in personality. Rehabilitation can teach you and your family ways to overcome these issues and provide tactics for dealing with the limitations you may now face.

Our job is to ensure you have the money to safeguard your long-term care and keep moving forward in your recovery.

Successful rehabilitation can also involve reassessing your accommodation needs. Where appropriate we consult with architects to secure funding for home alterations, so you can live as independently as possible. We also look at your transport needs and any other support you might require.

Below is a brief description of some of the recent cycling collision cases which our team have been involved in:

Spinal Cord Injury

Our client was thrown off his bicycle after being hit by a lorry. He suffered a severe spinal cord injury. Despite footage from a camera mounted at the front of the lorry which shows the collision in full, liability is denied. Collision reconstruction experts have been instructed.

Our client is now wheelchair reliant and has required adapted accommodation as well as nursing care. This case is on-going, however we are pursuing a seven figure cycle accident compensation settlement for our client.

Traumatic Brain injury and Fractured Skull

Our client came off his bicycle whilst on a cycle path. This was after a large stone became lodged in his front wheel. The local authority responsible for the cycle path are contesting liability and High Court proceedings have been issued.

Our client is undergoing intense rehabilitation to overcome the effects of his brain injury. We are pursuing a seven figure cycle accident compensation sum for our client.

Fracture to shoulder

Our client was injured on an East London road when a car pulled out of a parked position into his path as the driver tried to turn her vehicle around. Our client suffered a fracture to his right shoulder blade which was functional within one year but would take two years to recover fully. Damages were settled at £11,781.98 including £2,900 for the Claimant’s bicycle damage and £400 for his loss of opportunity to enjoy his summer holiday and daughter’s birthday.

Fracture to wrist

Our client was cycling to work when a passing car clipped his handlebars and he fell into the road. He suffered a scaphoid fracture to his right wrist and required surgery following the collision. His losses included additional travel expenses as he was no longer able to ride his bike to work. We settled the claim for our client achieving over £20,000 for him.

Forearm fracture

Our client was riding in a cycling lane when the passenger door of a stationary car was suddenly opened into his path. He was knocked off his bike and suffered several injuries, the worst being a forearm fracture which required surgical plating. In this case surgery failed to unite the fracture and he will need to undergo more surgery including bone grafting. It is unwise to settle the case when the prognosis for recovery is still unclear so we are waiting until a full evaluation of the injury and the effect it will have on his life can be ascertained before valuing his case.

Neck and lower back injuries

Our client hit his bicycle brakes as he approached queuing traffic. As he was doing this he was passing a side road to his left. A vehicle travelling in the opposite direction failed to see our client as he attempted to turn right into the same side road. He drove straight into our client, knocking him to the ground.

Our client suffered multiple injuries, the most serious being injuries to his neck. Medical reports were sought to corroborate this. Liability was admitted by the driver’s insurance company and also a further medical report commissioned by us to prove that the injury had not healed as quickly as was initially thought. The case settled for over £6000, which included compensation towards the travel costs he incurred whilst recovering from his injuries.

Head and facial injuries

Our client was cycling to work. He approached a crossroad where he had right of way when a white van unexpectedly pulled out in front of the crossroad before our client. Our client was unable to brake in time and crashed into the side of the van. This resulted in him coming off his bicycle, injuring his head, face, arm and knee.

The driver of the van denied the collision was his fault, however we were able to obtain a witness statement whose account supported our client. Settlement amounted to £5,000 which also included the damage sustained to his bike and travel expenses incurred whilst recovering from his injuries.

Severe Traumatic Brain Injury

Our client was a successful businessman when is was knocked to the ground. He suffered various fractures and internal injuries. The most severe injury was a traumatic head injury which left him with a diffuse axonal brain injury.

Following rehabilitation our client did retain mental capacity, however the changes to his behaviour meant that he could no longer continue his lucrative career.

A diffuse axonal injury is  difficult to diagnose, but we used the very latest in brain scanning techniques to establish the presence of this injury. Had this not been diagnosed the settlement would not have been commensurate to the injury. We were able to achieve a seven figure cycle accident compensation settlement plan for our client.

Fracture to Ankle

Our client was cycling at night with lights and a hi-vis jacket. He was using a mini-roundabout when a car drove into his rear as it entered the roundabout behind him. The impact fractured the Claimant’s ankle requiring fixation surgery, effectively leaving our client housebound and having to wear an ankle boot for seven weeks before a course of physiotherapy. The Defendant attempted to argue contributory negligence to reduce the Claimant’s claim but the arguments were successfully defeated by us and our client was awarded £8,500 in damages which included roughly £1000 for his care, travel and bicycle damage claim.


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